The smallest of the 8000 meter peaks

Shishapangma from the Tibetan plateau

Shishapangma from the Tibetan plateau

Lying entirely in Tibet, this was the last of the 8000+ mountains to be climbed. This was not due to the difficulty of the mountain which has a reputation of being fairly easy technically – though anything in this altitude has a tendency to become much harder.

Shishapangma was first climbed in 1964 by a chinese ten man team.

My experience with Shishapangma:

After the successful ascent of Cho Oyu in the fall of 2014, I went to Shishapangma base camp intending to climb the mountain by the ordinary route and the variant leading to the highest point (most people actually doesn’t climb the true summit but the slightly lower western summit, which is more attainable).

But getting to base camp after a major avalanche accident had viped out some climbers approaching the summit, I found the base camp completely empty. Nobody wanted to climb the mountain after the accident and everyone had left the camp. Should I attempt to climb the mountain all alone? The conditions were improving, avalanche danger were much less as the weather had improved and it hadn’t snowed form almost a week.

But I wasn’t mentally prepared to attempt an 8 thousand metre peak all by myself. After some days of considering the pros and cons I decided to come back another year and have a go together with other climbers.