Kathmandu weather

It is raining and has done so the last twelve hours. Rumours are that it is snowing heavily in the mountains and flights for Lukla are cancelled.

Luckily I am not going that way tomorrow, but we are heading by car towards the border at Kodari (Nepal) /Zangmu (Tibet). It seems from others ahead of me, that conditions in Tibet are better. Can’t wait to get there.

Picture: not having breakfast in the garden of Nirvana Garden Hotel due to the rain

Bo Belvedere Christensen

Live from Everest

Left on April 10th for Nepal for my attempt to climb Mount Everest without oxygen bottles and sherpa support.

I will be climbing on the north side of Everest from Tibet, but the easiest way to get there is through Nepal. I will probably cross the border on the 14th after sorting out a few things in Kathmandu.

I hope I have retained some acclimatisation from my recent trip to Aconcagua, where I summited the 6960 meter high mountain in February.

Everest expedition spring 2015 – join me

Join me to Everest in spring 2015

The planning of my spring expedition to Mount Everest is on the go. If you wish to climb Everest yourself, it will be possible to join me. The service level and price will be very attractive.

Bo on the way to Everest in 2013

Bo on the way to Everest in 2013


Climbing via North Ridge Route
Lead by Expert Sherpa Mountain Guide
Start & End: Kathmandu, Nepal
Max Duration of Exp: 60 days
Hotels: 6 nights in Kathmandu 3 star
Camping: Around 50 days
En route to BC: Guest house accommodation
Suggested start date: April 10th 2015
Total price incl. sherpa summit bonus: 29,000 USD

Follow the link for further information on the expedition: Everest spring 2015


My sponsors for Mount Everest 2015:

Frederiksborg Ejendoms Invest

Frederiksborg Ejendoms Invest is my main sponsor



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Favorite Support Challenge of the 14, climbing all the 8-thousand meter peaks

Bo in the steepest part of the climb between camp 1 and 2, Cho Oyu fall 2014, carrying Osprey Pack Aether 70, picture taken with Fujifilm XQ1

Bo in the steepest part of the climb between camp 1 and 2, Cho Oyu fall 2014

Danish mountaineer Bo Belvedere Christensen has started his long planned project to climb all the 8-thousand meter mountains in the world. He has summited Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and recently Cho Oyu (picture right from the climb).

He calls his project “Challenge of the 14” abbreviated COT14. You can find more information on his website COT14.dk or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

But best of all you could support his project through Kickstarter. Click the picture below to get to Kickstarter and become one of his backers. Rewards apply for backers.

Challenge of the 14's video poster


Shishapangma from Basecamp

Shishapangma from Basecamp

I visited Shishapangma basecamp from september 3rd to 5th, but all other climbed had left due to an avalanche accident killing two climbers.

The conditions on the mountain were clearly much better and the avalanche danger was minimal, but I didn’t fancy climbing an 8-thousand metre peak alone. Therefore, I also abandoned My attempt.

I will probably come back after Everest expedition in the spring of 2015.


Things to solve in Kathmandu

Flight to Kathmandu without incident, I even managed to get through with My 56 kg without paying for exces luggage 🙂

Day after tomorrow comes the real challenge, the mud slided roads against the Chinese border. There is no direct connection at the moment. I’m told you have to trek for a couple of hours before you are picked up on the other side of the slide.

To day I have been negotiating price for spring 2015 expedition to Everest from the Tibetan side. Want to participate? The more we are the cheaper the price, mail med if you are interested.

Everest 2015 sponsorship received

Recently my Everest attempt in 2015 received a full sponsorship from a danish company.

Due to this I’m allready making plans for the Everest attempt next spring – again I will try from the north side from Tibet, and the expedition will take place approximately from April 10th to June 2nd 2015.

Potential participants in the expedition are welcome to contact me with information on their previous experience. You can also choose to escort the expedition only to Advanced Basecamp (ABC) at 6400 meter, where the challenge of Everest starts for real.

Everest fra Changtse

Salomon sponsorship

Salomon in Denmark decided to sponsor my attempt to scale the fourteen 8000 meter peaks.

Salomon now supplies me with trekking boots, trekking clothing, shell jacket and trousers, softshell jackets, clothing for training (running), running shoes and specific trail shoes. Due to this I’m now well equipped for both training climbs, the approach to the mountain as well as the lower part of the mountain.

The sponsorat runs for one year at the time.

salomon logo

Cho Oyu / Shishapangma day plan

I’m leaving on my double expedition in the beginning of September. The plan below is a tentative plan, that may – and probably will – change according to how acclimatisation proceeds and to the influence of the weather.

  • September 8th to 9th: Travel to Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • September 10th: Rest day and day for fixing details in Kathmandu.
  • September 11th to 12th: Travel from Kathmandu to Zangmu, Tibet.
  • September 13th to 14th: Acclimatisation in Nyalam (3750 meter, trekking to 5000 meter).
  • September 15th to 16th: Acclimatisation in and around Tingri (4300 meter, trekking to 5200 meter).
  • September 17th to 18th: Reaching Basecamp at 4900 meter and having a rest day in BC.
  • September 19th to 20th: Trek to interim camp, 5100 meter, and next day to ABC (Advanced Basecamp) at 5600 meter.
  • September 21th: Rest day at ABC.
  • September 22nd: Climb to site for Camp 1 at 6200 meter, return to ABC.
  • September 23rd: Rest day at ABC.
  • September 24th: Climb to site for Camp 1 at establish camp, sleep in Camp 1 at 6200 meter.
  • September 25th: Climb towards site for Camp 2 at 6700 meter, sleep in Camp 1.
  • September 26th to September 28th: Return to ABC for two rest days.
  • September 29th: Climb to Camp 1, sleep in Camp 1.
  • September 30th: Climb to Camp 2 to establish camp, sleep at Camp 2 at 6700 meter.
  • October 1st: Climb up to camp 3, return to ABC.
  • October 2nd to October 3rd: Rest at ABC.
  • October 4th: Climb to Camp 2, sleep in Camp 2 at 6700 meter.
  • October 5th: Climb to Camp 3, moving tent up there, sleep at Camp 3 at 7400 meter.
  • October 6th: Summit attempt.
  • October 7th: Return to ABC.
  • October 8th: Return to BC.
  • October 9th: Car move to Shishapangma BC at 5000 meter.
  • October 10th to October 13th: Rest days at Shishapangma BC.
  • October 14th: Trek to Shishapangma ABC at 5400 meter.
  • October 15th: Climb to Camp 2 at 6700 meter, establish camp, sleep at 6700 meter
  • October 16th: Climb to Camp 3 at 7400 meter.
  • October 17th: Summit attempt.
  • October 18th: Return to ABC.
  • October 19th: Return to BC.
  • October 20th to 24th: Spare days for delays.
  • October 25th: Drive from BC to Zangmu.
  • October 26th: Return to Kathmandu.
Altitude curve showing planned acclimatisation and summit attempts

Altitude curve showing planned acclimatisation and summit attempts