General profile

Bo paa vej op paa Cho OyuBorn 1956, Master’s degree in Geology, worked for 28 years as IT Project – and Program Manager.
Nature lover since I was able to express that kind of feelings, athlete since the age of 13, climber since 1978, first expedition climb (South America) in 1984, first Himalayan expedition in 1988, since then I have spent a total of around 6 years on mountaineering expeditions 🙂

Author of 10 books:

  • Ama Dablam, en bestigning af verdens smukkeste bjerg, Gyldendal
  • Everest, drĂžmmen og sejren, Jyllandspostens forlag
  • Baruntse, over 7000 meter i Himalaya, Books on Demand (BoD)
  • Big E, fortĂŠllingen om Big E Thrane & Thrane Danish Everest Expedition 2000, BoD
  • UbetrĂ„dte tinder, gennem hvide pletter pĂ„ landkortet til toppen af jomfruelige toppe i Himalaya. BoD
  • Vertikalt, noveller om klatring og bjergbestigning, BoD
  • De Smukke Bjerge, Gasherbrum gruppen i Pakistan, BoD
  • Klatring i Peru, pĂ„ udfordrende tinder i Andesbjergene, BoD
  • Kilimanjaro, guide til natur og bestigning, BoD
  • Mont Blanc, vejen til toppen af Europa, Gyldendal

Read more about my books on K2 adventure (danish language page).

Greatest climbing merits:

  • 1982: First danish ascent of Bonatti route on Grand Capucin, Mont Blanc range
  • 1988: First danish ascent of Ama Dablam, 6856 meter, Everest region, Himalayas
  • 1990: First danish ascent of Petit Jorasses West Face, Mont Blanc range
  • 1996: First danish ascent of North East Face of Piz Badile
  • 1994: First danish ascent of Broad Peak, 8047 meter, Karakoram, Pakistan
  • 1996: Climbed to 8450 meter without oxygen bottles on Mount Everest
  • 1998: First danish ascent of Gasherbrum I (Hidden Peak), 8068 meter, Karakoram, Pakistan
  • 2002: First ascent of Pandra, 6673 meter, Janak Himal, Eastern Nepal, Himalayas
  • 2002: First ascent of Danga, 6238 meter, Janak Himal, Eastern Nepal, Himalayas
  • 2008: First danish ascent of Baruntse II, 6720 meter, Everest region, Himalayas
  • 2008: Ascent of Baruntse, 7129 meter, Everest region, Himalayas
  • 2013: First danish ascent of Changtse, 7543 meter, North Summit of Everest, Himalayas
  • 2014: Ascent of Cho Oyu, 8201 meter, Everest region, Himalayas

Download my climbing CV for more information.


My daily training varies a little depending on the season, but follows approximately the scheme below:

  • Monday: Medium fast running (speed 12.5-14 km/h) for about one hour.
  • Tuesday: Fast running (speed 15-16 km/h) for 20-30 minutes, in winter one hour spinning, in summer around two hours of road biking.
  • Wednesday: Medium fast running (speed 12,5-14 km/h) for about one hour. 30-40 minutes muscular training. In winter one hour of yoga, in summer one to two hours of fast kayaking (10-11 km/h).
  • Thursday: Fast running (speed 15-16 km/h) for 20-30 minutes, in winter one hour spinning, in summer around two hours mountain biking.
  • Friday: Slow running (speed 12-13 km/h) for about one and a half hours. 30-40 minutes muscular training.
  • Saturday: One hour yoga. Medium fast running (13-14 km/h) for about 40 minutes.
  • Sunday: Fast running (speed 15-16 km/h) for 20-30 minutes, in winter two hours spinnning, in summer around two hours of kayaking.