Worlds second highest moutain

k2_from_broad_peakThis is probably one of the most known seconds in the world. Nobody knows who was the second person on the moon (or only a few), nobody knows who was the second person to jump more than 8 meters in long jump, nobody knows which car factory was the second in the world.

But allmost anybody knows the second highest mountain in the world. It’s reputation is to some extent much higher than that of it’s higher sibling, Everest. As the only mountain in this area it has kept the name the geographers gave it when first sighting it from a long distance. K1 is now Masherbrum, K3 is now Broad Peak but K2 is still K2. There was no local name that was used widespread and the name “Mount Godwin-Austen” luckily never found acceptance.

And K2 deserves this reputation. Not that it is the most dangerous mountain in the world, a reputation it has gotten in spite of the fact that that title goes to Annapurna. K2 is not even second here. But K2 is a difficult mountain, not a mountain to challenge if you are not a very experienced and technically skilled mountaineer.

That is one of the reasons K2 is one of my ultimate goals, if there will ever be such a thing. Many regard the shapely peak of K2 as the ultimate challenge for a mountaineer. I do not disagree but on the other hand there are many challenging peaks and some of the other 8-thousanders might apply for the same title.

And it is on of the reasons why my own company is named K2 adventure.

The plan is to climb K2 during an expedition to both G2 (Gasherbrum II) and K2. Acclimatize on G2 and have at least a weeks rest before going alpine style up the Cesen route on K2.

But when? I still haven’t fixed a year for this attempt. I must prepare more for this than for any of the other mountains. Want to join my expedition? Give me a call or an email.