Gasherbrum I also named Hidden Peak or among its “friends” just G1.

Climbers on the summit of G1

Climbers on the summit of Gasherbrum I with a huge sponsor flag

This is a mountain that you wouldn’t discover if you didn’t enter to the innermost parts of the Baltoro region of the Karakorams. You could be so lucky as to see it when crossing Ghondogora La but it is actually very Hidden, no wonder it has got its second name.

G1 was climbed first time by an American expedtion in 1954.

It is somewhat of a mountain group as can be seen in this table from Wikipedia allthough here Broad Peak is also included in this group of mountains. Remark the altitude here is stated as 8080 meter.

Peak metres feet Latitude (N) Longitude (E) Prominence (m)
Gasherbrum I 8,080 26,509 35°43′27″ 76°41′48″ 2,155
Broad Peak 8,047 26,400 35°48′35″ 76°34′06″ 1,701
Gasherbrum II 8,035 26,360 35°45′27″ 76°39′15″ 1,523
Gasherbrum III 7,952 26,089 35°45′34″ 76°38′31″ 355
Gasherbrum IV 7,925 26,001 35°45′39″ 76°37′00″ 725
Gasherbrum V 7,147 23,448 35°43′45″ 76°36′48″ 654
Gasherbrum VI 6,979 22,897 35°42′30″ 76°37′54″ 520


My succes on Gasherbrum I

I had succes on my first visit to the mountain climbing it in July 1998 together with Jan Mathorne and Mads Granlien. For Jan and I it was our second 8000 meter peak together.