Mt. Everest – Top of the World

Everest south side in the late evening light

Everest south side in the late evening light

Spring 2013 I attempted Mount Everest this time from the north. My two previous attempts were from the south using the Polish Pillar route that avoids the South Col/Camp 4, Geneva Spur andCamp 3 on the Lhotse face by going directly from the Western Cwm up to a point above South Col.

I visited the north side of Everest when I led an expedition to the small, nice mountain Lhakpa Ri (7045 meter). Our advanced basecamp was positioned only half an hour from Everest ABC. We visited that camp and I was thrilled by the view of the north side of Everest and the thoughts about the route that was pioneered by Mallory and Irvine – maybe they even got to the summit in 1924.

I did not summit even on my third attempt, but I haven’t done things easier for my self. I attempted without oxygen bottles and without the help of sherpas. Therefore, I carried all my own stuff, pitched my own tents, melted all water myself and carried/made all food on the mountain. But I was depleated of all energy when a pair came down from the summit totally whacked and I had to help them survive. I made water and food for them and we slept the tree of us in my small tent. Next morning after they parted I was exhausted after a bad night – and that was the end of my summit attempt, the only attempt that I had due to the arriving monsoon.
I will attempt again, probably in the spring of 2015, but I need a sponsor.