Highly anticipated restrictions on Nepal site

The Nepalese authorities have proposed more stringent rules for climbing Everest. I have been anticipating this kind of rules for many years, seeing many people on the mountain who obviously shouldn’t be there.

The rules imply that you must prove yourself capable of climbing a high mountain by ascending a 6500+ mountain before coming to Everest. If you do that in Nepal that means doing an “expedition grade mountain” ie. a mountain outside the range of the socalled “trekking peaks” (that can actually be quit a technical challenge). But I welcome this change in the rules.

Another new rule is imposing an age restriction: You have to be between 18 and 75 years of age. Although I know of capable climbers younger than 18 and climbers of more than 75 having no problem scaling Everest, I generally welcome this rule as well.

I think this will improve the safety on the South side of Everest, but it might move some more traffic to the North (Tibetan) side, the normal route here being technically slightly more difficult. And that wont improve safety.

Read more on UIAA’s website

But overall I’m joyed by the proposed new rules.BBC_5480

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