Earthquake and avalanches

On April 25th 2015 Nepal was hit by an earthquake 7.8 of strength.

In Everest ABC on the North side it was felt and caused some big avalanches and stonefall narrowly but luckily missing climbers on their way to North Col.

Quite that lucky they weren’t in Basecamp on the Nepalese side. A huge avalanche falling from Pumori, one of Mt. Everest prominent neighbours, hit and destroyed part of Basecamp. At the time of writing 16 dead climbers has been found and 45 injured some of which severely sent to hospital in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu itself is together with Pokhara the sites of major devastation. Around 6000 people in total are presumed dead and many more have lost their home. Many spend their days and nights in the streets in fear of further trembling that might cause their houses to collapse.

Bo in Everest ABC with North Col in the background. It was from the seracs on the ridge and below the Col that several avalanches fell

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