Acclimatisation in Tingri

After a lot of challenges and delays, among others one extra day in Nepal as I couldn’t make it to the border before closing time, I am now in Tingri on The Tibetan Highland. The village is situated at 4300 meter and is relatively fast to get this high, but I don’t feel the altitude.

Actually that is not quite true. I loose my breath if I try to move fast uphill. But it would be like that even fully acclimatized.

Together with a Russian climber, Dmitry, and his two sherpas I went for a small trip before noon. We went to a viewpoint at approximately 4700 meter. On the way up we had glimpses of Mt. Everest and Cho Oyu, the eight thousand meter peak I climbed last year, at a distance of 80 kilometers. But when we reached the viewpoint clouds had enveloped the high mountains.

The wind suddenly picked up and the trip down became a challenge. Several times we were almost overturned by strong gusts of wind. Thus, we were very happy when we reached the hotel.

Tomorrow I will continue to basecamp to meet the group with which I share facilities in both basecamp and advanced basecamp.

Bo Belvedere Christensen

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